About Joint Medic:


Working on your feet, working out like cycling, swimming or jogging.  Doing yard work or just hunched over your desk for one too many hours — even standing on your feet — at some point your muscles and joints are going to let you know about it with lots of soreness and discomfort.

Whether you are a “Weekend Warrior” or Olympic wanna-be, when your muscles and joints start moaning and groaning you want something that can give you a soothing, relaxed feeling.  But a visit to your doctor will result in your taking synthetic chemicals, either a prescription or an over-the-counter pain medication, that can carry significant side-effects.

Don’t you want something right-away that can relieve the aching and stiffness and give you a soothing, relaxed feeling with no side effects?  Surely your muscles and joints deserve to have more natural ingredients, rather than the same ol’ chemically-filled products?

Nature has provided these naturally-occurring ingredients for us and we, Aarisse Health Products, have blended them all together in a cream we call JOINT MEDIC. The features and benefits of these blended natural ingredients are here for you, now, today.  Read on and find out why Joint Medic is right for you!

Fast acting, deep penetrating pain relief cream for inflamed joints & sore muscles Helps Rehabilitate Cartilage & Reduce Inflammation without adverse health risks
All Natural - No synthetic chemicals. Soothing to the skin.Safe. No adverse side-effects.
Unlike all the other products you've tried, JOINT MEDIC addresses and soothes the causes of the discomfort at the source, not just the symptomsThe ingredients help the body to balance immune function; Chondroitin, Glucosamine, CMO, Comfrey, Speedwell, MSM, Ginger and more. All rapidly absorbed from the skin.
Developed by Nutritional Scientists using only natural ingredients.Ingredients are tested and approved by experts dedicated to bringing all-natural, safe, relief for aching joint and muscle discomfort.
116 million people suffering with joint and muscle discomfort are now able to find safe, effective support.Most pharmaceutical formulations temporarily suppress pain with numbing, stinging, heating or cooling substances and do not address the source of the aches and soreness.
An all-in-one pain relief cream product that does more than just conceal discomfort. Relieves soreness and discomfort at their source, those do not just cover-up.
Safe, Natural, Effective and Easy-to-use.Help restore movement. Help reduce aching and stiffness They absorb directly from the skin addressing any acute or chronic discomfort.
Produced in the USA at a certified FDA facilityORDER NOW
Scientifically advanced therapy cream puts you in the “Comfort- Zone”.

Scientifically advanced therapy cream puts you in the “Comfort- Zone”.

There are eight naturally occurring ingredients that help support and restore the integrity of connective tissue health throughout the body. These ingredients even help with damage to the tissues caused by bruising. Clinically proven natural ingredients help the body to reduce soreness and discomfort in muscles and support healthy joints by helping the body’s innate ability to heal and regenerate connective tissue.
You'll love JOINT MEDIC

You'll love JOINT MEDIC

Thousands of enthusiastic users recommend it to family and friends every day. JOINT MEDIC differs from all the other topical products because its natural ingredients address the actual source of the discomfort, not merely suppressing or masking the symptoms. Unlike pills, the natural ingredients in JOINT MEDIC absorb directly into the areas of discomfort for focused, fast-acting, deep penetrating relief.
Non-Burning - Greaseless - Stainless - Odorless

Non-Burning - Greaseless - Stainless - Odorless

Recommended by health care professionals, JOINT MEDIC is a unique combination of holistic and nutritional natural ingredients never before offered in a pleasant, smooth, highly absorbable and soothing trans-dermal cream. Its unique combination of herbal and natural ingredients are recognized as being safe and effective in providing quick relief to some of the most common causes of joint and muscle discomfort.
Is Joint and Muscle Discomfort Keeping You From Doing What You Enjoy?

Is Joint and Muscle Discomfort Keeping You From Doing What You Enjoy?

Now you can get relief from your soreness and discomfort with a product that contains FDA researched, all-natural ingredients like Chondroitin, Glucosamine and ―CMO" known to help repair and restore cartilage and reduce the soreness and discomfort without adverse health risks. These unique ingredients help restore movement, reduce discomfort and relieve joint and/or muscle soreness found in some of the most common conditions.